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The Destruction of Christianity through Diversity and Political Correctness

On my last blog I talked about “Diversity and misunderstood political Correctness” ( Bottom Line of my last blog was the social political aspect and the reference to the Fort Hood shooting and the KSM trials.

Today I want to go a step further and point out the religious aspect of that endangerment – The destruction of Christianity from within, through mainstream Media as well as Liberal propaganda and teachings such as Diversity and the resulting political correctness.

Today every downfall of Christian morality will be explained by the mainstream Media with the fact that we live in the 21st Century and that modern Times have new changes.

The GOP needed 40 years to finally change their insurance company – the one they had for the last 40 years supported abortion.

Ladies and Gentlemen – it took you long enough to listen to your voters, the conservative Christians.

And you wonder why registered Republicans like me walk off and become independent Christian Conservatives?

In the wake of the Switzerland referendum to prohibit Muslim Minarets, the Muslim world goes ballistic. This is shaking the entire European world.

While ultra conservative right wing parties applaud; Christian conservative parties (the equivalent to the Republicans) practice their political correct statements and betray us with their lip service, and the usual self proclaimed humanitarians and leftwing liberals complain and cry.

Muslims, like any other minority, recognizes very fast that all it takes to force their will on a government is to use the words “Discrimination” and “Racism”. And Politicians give in, even if that means they have to abate the rights and heritage of their own countrymen and voters.

But was the referendum of the Swiss people really prejudice or was it just a message to the politicians? Who, of course, are as deaf as it gets.

The message would be: Enough is enough with Diversity and Political Correctness at the expense of our Religious Christian Heritage.

At the beginning of November the European Court of Human Rights ruled on behalf of an atheist woman. She claimed that “the crucifix is harming her 2 children who have to endure gazing upon religious symbols” ( ).

The ruling was that all crucifixes have to be removed from the classrooms in public schools.

Christian Cruzifix

Though this case was in Italy, the home and stronghold of the Catholic Church and Christianity, the entire case has symbolic character of what is going on in the world; And this problem is not only a European problem, but this too is already going on in our own backyard at home in the United States.

Imagine – if that can happen in the motherland of the Catholics – what can they do here in America with Obama as a supporter?

Fact is: 86% of the Americans are Christians. The remaining numbers are other religions, and atheists.

Countries like Turkey, Egypt, and all the other Muslims countries, except Syria, have an ongoing history in Persecution of Christians.

Daily Terror against Christians, Christian churches, Christian facilities, and Christian Missionaries are well accepted. Muslim Countries have no problem publically prohibiting the building of Christian churches. In Egypt Christians have to hide in so called secret Ghettos and live in fear of persecution.

Have you ever tried to look critically at the teachings of Mohammed? Thousands of Muslim will protest on the streets, burn the American Flag, and offer a bounty for your head.

Obama had nothing better to do than travel to those exact countries, apologizing for our Christian existence, bowing his head and declaring that America is no longer a Christian Country, and together with the European liberals practice excessive Diversity to make them feel welcome.

The very same Muslims immigrate to Europe, the USA, and every other western Christian country, not to assimilate but to infiltrate; assisted by left wing liberals and self proclaimed Humanitarians, to make sure the guest country has to adapt to them.

They use the favorableness of the hour to act as misunderstood victims of racism and do what they are supposed to do – bring the teachings of Mohammed in the world and convert as many as possible.

Together with those self-proclaimed humanitarians, atheists and liberals they demand that “Merry Christmas” should be changed to “Happy Holidays”, and they complain about our Easter celebration, while Muslims demand that teachers in Europe wear a head cloth because open hair offends their Muslim believes and so on.

But do they ask if I, as a Christian in a Christian Country feel insulted by holidays such as Hanukkah, EID (Eid ul-Adha Muslim “Festival of Sacrifice”, marking the end of Ramadan) or any other foreign “Religious Holiday forced on me?

Have those individuals ever thought that they are guests in our country? That America is very well built on Christianity and Christian Values?

So you still think the ruling in Switzerland was because Swiss people have turned into racists overnight? I doubt that. I like to think that this was a message, and the message is clear, and we as Christian Americans should also be sending the same message.

God Bless America

Welcome to our country, feel free, safe and welcomed. Celebrate your Religion as you see fit. However, we demand you learn our language, respect our laws and way of life, and accept that this is our country and our heritage is Christian. We do not persecute you, mistreat you, or downsize you; we just demand you respect us.

You cannot expect us to make you feel welcome and liked if you and your supporters demand us to give up our Heritage and Religious Beliefs and debate our rights. 

“The price of greatness is responsibility”
~Winston Churchill~


Diversity and Misunderstood Political Correctness

Disgusted I heard the irresponsible arguments with whom Attorney General Holder defends his determination to trial the 9/11 Masterminds in NY. I read the great article by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post on 11/20/2009 “Travesty in New York” ( ).

The icing on the cake for me was when the defense attorneys for those sub humans announced that the defendants will speak in court for themselves, addressing the jury and all New Yorkers. So, while working on more than 3 posts at the same time and reading thousands of tweets, blog posts, and short messages circling the internet I started asking myself – does the world need another blog pounding on the same topic? My answer to myself was no – not right now.

After reading an article about “Diversity,” written by the wonderful and talented Ann Coulter, a woman I admire more than any other political columnist, ( ) I finally found the inspiration I needed.

The theory of “Diversity” began in the late 1960’s as a Grassroots Movement based on the combination of black civil rights activism and woman’s rights activism. The first highlight was in the late 70’s when based on this theory and with lobbyism through civil right activist they pushed the “Discrimination Act” through. Later in 2002 Homosexuals were included and the “Hate Crime Bill” was announced; and yet this was really nothing new because the real basics of Diversity were already mentioned in the bill of rights:

Pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

~Virginia declaration of Right~

~June 12, 1776~

But there is a problem with the modern day use of Diversity and the resulting Political correctness.

The Theory of Diversity has its law and rightful place in modern day society and as an international operating businessman I know very well the practical use of it.

But injudicious and overzealous laws including their sidekicks such as “Affirmative Action Laws”, “Quote regulations,” and others are subject to actually producing prejudice feelings, anger and hatred.

It is wrong when the rights for minorities are made at the price to abate the rights of those who disagree and build the majority, and take away the majorities’ rights of freedom to choose, freedom of speech, freedom to disagree, and on top of it, criminalize those who oppose or have their own opinion. Where then is the equality?

For Example: Questioning and opposing quote regulations and undeserved “redistributions to Ghetto and Gang neighborhoods would qualify me as a racist. (A blog post to this topic is coming soon).

This country was built by Christians and Christian Values, and yet Christianity is silenced through and by mainstream media under the cover of modern lifestyles and the government in order not to offend: homosexuals, atheists, or religions minorities, especially Muslims.

While on the same page radical Muslims spread their hatred against America and the American lifestyle under the safety of the Constitutional right of free speech.

This has gone way too far when The President of the United States (Obama) declares in a press conference, during a visit to a foreign country, “America is no longer a Christian Nation”.

There are good and bad people no matter if we’re talking about a race or a religion. There are modern liberal Imams and there are hate preachers.

God forbid if we want to investigate a hate preacher; immediately self-proclaimed humanitarians, civil rights activists, and other grassroots organizations will start screaming their lungs out talking about discrimination, racism, and religious profiling. And the accused just blow the same horn building their own defense based on racism before they are even indicted.

Political Correctness, a child of Diversity, is in fact just another phrase to take away freedom of speech and prohibit Americans to call things by their real names.

Maj. Hasan, the alleged Fort Hood shooter, was noticeable in his conduct, well known for his beliefs and his opposition to the American involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, and several of his colleagues had reported his strange behavior.

Malik Hasan

Why was he not investigated? Every other American, given a conduct like this would have been subject to at least a closer look by Homeland Security and/or FBI.

Was it because of the fear that self-proclaimed humanitarians, civil rights activists, Muslim activists, and other friends of Obama’s grassroots administration could accuse the investigators of racial and religious profiling?

The liberals have no problem castrating the rights of Conservative Americans who exercise their rights of free speech, but their speech has, is, and always will remain “untouchable”!

What is going to happen at the 9/11 trial? 

Are the attorney’s going to drag out the case? How are they picking the jury? Are they going to make sure that there are no members of the Jewish community on the jury in order to avoid possible prejudice? Or is the opposite true: “Terrorists” being given an audience so they can insult the Judeo-Christian ethic. In this case the appeals after conviction on prejudice grounds are practically imminent.

If a partial Muslim jury is demanded will the same rules and regulations apply to them?  For example, would they receive a thorough background check without the liberal media once again screaming, “This is racial profiling”?

These are reasonable questions, as Ann Coulter says, “At the End of the Day, Diversity Has Jumped the Shark”.  The basic premise of Diversity is accurate but the application of Diversity is inaccurate. 

This causes citizens to lose their religious, historical, ethical and moral inheritance.

9/11 Terrorists Triald in NY – the rape of a City

President Obama just has proven this week that I am not so far off with my Blog Post “Socialist and the Muslim Terror” and my following Post “Barack Obama and his connections to the Fort Hood shooter”. All the occurrences the past two weeks and the time line have now reached a new climax by Obama’s stubborn decision to trial the 9/11 Masterminds and Terrorists on American soil. Though the majority of the American People, the bereaved families as well as members of the American Heroes of the NYPD and NYFD are protesting, Obama won’t give in and is determined to put the City of New York in the greatest danger possible and through another devastating memory of what happened that day.

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in New York_TowerExplodes_Note6

Despite the bipartisan decision to trial those responsible for this devastating act of Terror in a military trial Obama is determined to overturn this ruling and follow up on his promise to the ultra left liberals, the EU and the Arab world and all the other self proclaimed Humanitarians and provide a show stage for those Individuals. So they can spit their hatred once again against the American People and once again, with Obama’s help, they can put America and especially New York at risk of Terror attacks.

Everybody knows that the worst situation for a woman after being raped by a perpetrator is when she is being verbally re-raped in the court of Law facing the accused and his Attorneys. And this is what Obama has in mind, when he is giving those Terrorists their 15 minutes of fame and hatred, verbally re-raping the good citizens and the bereaved families who have suffered so much.

Another issue is the safety and security. Since when are terrorists reasonable and await peacefully a trial? As a matter of fact it is to be expected that those sub human individuals will do anything to put the entire City, yet the entire Country in panic and fear. They WILL commit Terror attacks for two reasons: a) to spread fear in order to blackmail their fellow Terrorists free and b) to assure the jury will think twice before convicting the suspects to the proper punishment. And the death penalty will be the proper punishment. All it takes is to threaten the family members. Not to forget the question: When has the Federal Government sentenced one to death the last time? Remember the D.C. Sniper?

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in New York_CommanderInChief_Note4

Real Leaders of our Country: President George W. Bush & Mayor Rudi Giuliani

Why is Obama so eager to have this public trial? Fact is that those self-proclaimed humanitarians of attorneys, most likely paid by the democrats, will use any opportunity to put the American people, the American lifestyle and the good Citizens of the United States on trial and make the Terrorists the victims.

How much must Obama hate America to put this country through all this? And if you recall my two previous posts and add this occurrence than ask yourself: how much reality is in my theory? The scary number is 100% and Obama combined with the socialists and the Arab Terrorists is out to destabilize the entire United States of America and destroy the very same from within.

I am scared to look what the next week will bring and what Obama’s next step on the destruction of OUR America will be.

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in America_Heros_Note1

Our Heros - You Will never be forgotten


Group Sex on Gossip Girl – the Liberal indoctrination to unmoral lifestyle

Yes you all are reading right, for a change my Blog post has nothing directly to do with Obama and how he destroys America but with something as ordinary as a TV Show. And still it is worth to talk about and think about.

Hollywood is known for its liberality to the extent of profanity. That is nothing surprising to me since Hollywood actors would have a hard time to stand up for moral Christian values while at the same time their lifestyle speaks another language. They sleep with everybody who is not by three on a tree, having permanent changing partners, swallow, sniff and smoke everything that is illegal,  drink more than my cows on the pasture and go on driving under the influence and when committing accidents using their star status to get free out of jail. And if homosexuality runs out of fashion or the PR manager is advising them they claim bi-sexuality and fool around with men and woman at the same time. Lowlifes like Paris Hilton are promoted as “Role – models”. Lord have mercy.

Hollywood is the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sex sells and I don’t need to see shows like “Lipstick Jungle” or “Sex and the City”. All I need to do is reading the news papers to know what the main message is: Let’s have fun and sleep around and if we get pregnant lets murder a baby. So far so bad.

Yesterday I read an article from the great writer named Brent Bozell and was shocked. In the CW TV Show “Gossip Girl”, a show mostly watched by teenagers, rated PG 14, on the November 9 Episode the main maxim was “15 things every college student must do before graduating”. Number 11 was having a threesome and they did. On the first air of this episode they showed in HD group sex in all his detail. And Lizzie McGuire a former Disney Star right in the middle.

Gosip Girl

Of course I know that teenagers experiment with physical contacts before marriage, I know that College students do the very same. Not all of them but some. Of course that does not mean I have to agree as well. The message the TV Stations are sending here is another one: Forget morality, forget the intimacy of sex between a loving couple everything is allowed. Two years ago that would have been subject to a major scandal. But now, thanks to the liberals ruling and turning morality and ethics upside down everything is possible.

Truth of the matter is that left wing liberals welcome this sort of inappropriate shows to indoctrinate the youth through TV, Movies and other media on liberal lifestyle and accept unmoral behavior such as Homosexuality, Abortion, unmoral sexual practices and other questionable things. And all that for one reason only – to boost the ratings because while “dancing with the Stars” rates at 16 Million fewer “Gossip Girl is going down in his ratings from an average of 2.6 million fewer last year to 2.36 Million this year. And the lame excuse that this scene will be cut out in the re run – common people how many watch the re run and how many the first air of the show?

If you would like to know more read the following article from Brent Bozell: 

Please help to keep America save. 

© by Tom C. Lehner

Barack Obama and his connection to the Fort Hood shooter

I assume you all have read my last blog with the title: “Socialists and the Muslim Terrorist – Method, Conspiracy or just coincidence?” In this blog I stated a few facts that are at best suspicious because of the timeline in that the incidences occurred. But that timeline is continuing until today and I am afraid we have not seen the end of it. One way or another it proofs several points I have mentioned and opens a few more questions.

The final point in my blog was the shoot out in Fort Hood where Major Malik Hassan, using a Belgium FN 5.7 handgun also known as Cop Killer gun, shot and killed 13 American heroes dead and wounded 30 and Barak Obama’s conduct throughout the entire affair.


Let us remember: One day after the shooting  President Obama held a press conference where he laughed, cheered at his party friends giving grace to everybody present before addressing the incident reading the statements from a teleprompter immediately warning not to “jump into conclusions” at a time where the whole world already knew this was a terrorist strike. Even Joe Lieberman, a poster democrat, called the incident an act of terror ( from 2009/11/08).

Unlike former President George Bush (ret.) and Laura Bush, President Obama has not visited Fort Hood until the memorial service for the dead. Although throughout the entire memorial service he has never mentioned the word “Terrorism” and again has shown his real face while during the national anthem all soldiers paid their respect to the flag by saluting and all civilians putting their hands on the heart Barack Obama the commander in chief did NOT.


What’s wrong – what are we missing here? Why refuses the president to name things the way they are? Well how about this as an explanation: Major Malik Hassan the alleged shooter in Ft. Hood was part of the Obama administration and that is a fact. He has been an adviser concerning Muslim appointments to Homeland security:   (Watch Page 32)

So besides Obama’s obvious disrespect for American Values, American Heroes, the American Constitution and the great United States period maybe that explains why Obama is so eager to protect Maj. Hasan. We really have to ask ourself what are the real intensions of Barrack Hussein Obama who publicly declares himself a Muslim, bows his head before the Arab leaders weakens our great Friend Israel and bows his head almost to the ground before the communist leader in China.  

Now, we have not even recovered from the Ft. Hood shooting Obama shows already another insult to the American people. In his effort to please the humanitarian left wing radicals he has now decided to trial 9/11 Terrorists in a federal court in New York. Follow my next blog where I address this issue.

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to ask any questions. Should you be unable to open the links included please email me and I gladly will send you a copy of it.

Socialists and the Muslim Terrorist – Method, Conspiracy or just coincidence?

Since about 2 ½ weeks I am thinking about writing a new blog and no I have not become all over Sutton lazy of some sort. Truth is that the past weeks, the past month so many things have happened I don’t even know anymore where to get started in the first place. So many topics I want to address so many issues I want to discuss and what really scares me is that I see all of them connected in some ways. Or should I say the course of the events is more than suspicious. I am not really a fan of conspiracy theories but now I like think behind all those events is a method and I don’t like what I see.

Besides that I am not just writing to entertain the world but rather have my posts researched.

There we have the healthcare bill, we have the abortion mandate, we have the terrorist attack on Fort Hood (TX), we have the UN council declaration on the Goldstone report, the private police force in Montana and a lot more and all those, obviously and on the first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other. And that is what makes is so suspicious. The best way of a successful diversion is to have many occurrences, obviously not connected with each other but methodically positioned to keep the mind of the public occupied and so cover up the truth.

The eye opening events have been last week’s news report about the Goldstone Ruling in the UN Council, the devastating terror attack in Fort Hood committed by a sleeper, and the following behavior of President Obama.

Politics is a dirty business, a business full of diversion, lying and cheating and what you see is defiantly not what happens in reality behind closed doors. There are things said on the one side to the press to keep the public in line and at the very same time opposite actions taken on the other side. And the democrats are world champions in the business of diversion. Most of them are lawyers after all.

  1.  Earlier this year in Hardin (Mt) a private police force appeared on the streets wearing uniform and acting as local Police department and even wearing a police sign on the side doors of their Mercedes Vehicle.  After citizens raising their voice in concern some local politicians appeared on the news calming down citizens with phony explanations and promises ordering the private security company to remove the police insignia. Followed by sideswiped accusations between the parties. Now the case is silent, nothing has been heard there was no follow up on that issue, back to normal. There is still no decision made as off that alleged prison they are supposed to take over and do they have a contract or not and with whom. – Silence.
  2. The on and off issue of healthcare, the town hall meetings and the continuing propaganda of the Obama/Pelosicare is well known. According to Rasmussen from today (2009/10/08) only 39% of the Americans approve of the Healthcare bill and 52% reject the very same and yet Obama pushed it through last night with a close vote.
  • The entire time during the town hall meetings Obama and Pelosi made no secret that they are determined to get what they want and that they are not shy to use threat and pressure on the own party members as well as on the opposition. There are proven and reported reports about citizens getting visitors at night terrifying the family including a heavy handicapped man.
  • There is Pelosi and her grassroots who call the opposition “Un – American” and domestic terrorists because they are exercising their constitutional right to protest as wells freedom of speech. Pretty much the conservative opposition is doing exact the same as the democrats during the Bush administration. But when back than this was the constitutional rights of the democrats, now they are calling it un-constitutional, Un–American and the protesters domestic terrorists.
  • Downsizing and slandering Fox News as oppositional TV station and trying to hinder this news media in their coverage by attempting to silence them through law. Knowing this is unconstitutional the current government does not care at all. All the want is to silence FOX and if they can’t do it they mistreat them wherever they can.
  • And in order to get at least the close vote he had to call into order and back to the roots all the representatives of the democrats. According to the Washington Post was that more than just a motivational speech – but more a pretty clear threat talks to make sure they stay in line. Just to make sure on Saturday he gives in front of the press a motivational speech for the public to see.
  • And there have been a lot more actions taken. Way too many to count here.

Bottom line the democrats act perfectly in accordance with the totalitarian systems of the youngest history. Blaming, denigrating and slandering followed by artificial criminalization is usually the first step to silence the opposition. Hitler has done that, Mussolini, Stalin and all the other perfect organized Socialists have done so. And Obama is mastering it. First step is to criminalizing the opposition to have a proper case to lock them up, send them to indoctrination and if that does not work have the very same disappear. Just to make sure the rest of the citizens get so scared that they rather shut up than doing something.

  1. Last night the first step to public funded socialized Medicare has been set and Obama got his will by a close vote of 220 to 215 votes.
  2. Last Week the United Nations has declared, on behalf of the proposal of the Arab nations to accept the so called “Goldstone – Report” and has accepted this vote by 114 for and 18 against (The United States, Israel, Germany and 15 others voted against it) this acceptance.

What is the “Goldstone – Report”? Justice Richard Goldstone is a South African Judge and a member of the Geneva-Based Humans Rights council. General Assembly President Ali Abdussalam Treki demanded on behalf of the Arab Nation a Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict — there was great support for the text.  (See Press Release GA/10883). At a Headquarters press conference, Mr. Treki said that the Assembly’s adoption of the resolution was significant, as it highlighted the Assembly’s role in addressing human rights, peace and security.  All, without exception, had condemned human rights violations and insisted on the conduct of proper investigations — even those countries that had abstained from the vote or had objected to the text. By the text, the Assembly endorsed the report of the Geneva-based Human Rights Council on its twelfth special session, held on 15 and 16 October, which supported recommendations of the Fact Finding Mission on the 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009 Gaza conflict.  The Mission had been led by South African Justice Richard Goldstone, and its 576-page report -– known as the Goldstone Report — concluded that Israel and Hamas had committed possible war crimes.

Now first of all since when does the United Nation give in on demands of terrorists like the Hamas against the will of the United States? And second of all what war crimes has Israel committed other than defending itself? There is only one war criminal in this area and that is called Terrorist no matter if they call themselves Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quaida or whatever.

Here are some facts for you:

  • It is the Hamas/Hezbollah/Al Quaida that sneaks covered as civilians into Israeli territory and blows up innocent woman and children
  • It is the very same that shots with rocket missiles into Israeli civilian areas while hiding themselves behind their own woman and children just to make sure: Should Israel strike back and accidently kill civilian collateral damage the Arab Terrorist show up on TV and cry and scream in Hollywood style acting like they are now the victims blaming Israel. And the world is silent in fear of Terror attacks. So who is the war criminal does the Genève convention not prohibit using civilians as cover to avoid casualties?
  • Hamas/Hezbollah and other terror organization commit attacks on Israel and then hide among refugees extreme close to UN Stations.
  • In 2006 Hamas and Hezbollah stationed Missiles extreme close to a UN Observer post shooting permanent against Israel and after Israel fired back with an Airstrike destroying the threat and of course the UN Post leaving 4 dead UN soldiers (1 Canadian, 1 Austrian, 1 Finland and 1 Chinese) behind the world blamed Israel instead of them terrorists. Of course the 4 unarmed and dead UN officers are a tragedy but what choice did Israel have in order to protect its own citizens? And the UN knew all along back than that Hamas is using their post as cover and did nothing against it. And here too I could go on and on.
  • After Israel retreated from south Lebanon and Gaza, pressured by the UN, Hamas and Hezbollah did not see this as sign of peace and moved on with negotiations – NO they called it a victory over the world, felt invigorated and called for the total destruction of the Israel and the U.S. increasing the Terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

So what war crimes does Israel commit? All it does is defending its own country and Citizens.

So here is my question again – since when does the UN dare to release resolutions without the consent of the United States? Like is said before – Politics is a dirty business and nothing is as it looks like.

Here are some more facts:

  • We know Obama bowed his head before the Arab Nation
  • We know he apologized for our existence
  • He has made clear on several occasions that yet officially he supports Israel behind closed doors he puts all the pressure on Israel he can to support his Muslim brethren.
  • We know Obama is a Muslim he has admitted that before
  • We know he is a Marxist/Socialist trying to destroy all freedom in the United States

It does not take rocket science how that works. Here is my educated guess right out of my own experience. While officially, for the press and the Christian public, Obama has the U.S. Ambassador to the UN reject the Goldman report, his administration made some shady deals with the UN to push that resolution through and I would love to know what kind of deals Obama made with the UN. Let’s face it – no ally of the US or any other country that would like to stay in good relationship with us would have voted on that resolution supporting Terrorist groups such as the Hamas and Hezbollah, if not with Obama’s secret permission. And the U.S. rejection was a cosmetic one.

Friday evening – less than a week after this slap in the face of our biggest friend Israel – the unimaginable happened. A native Born American, son of Palestinian emigrants, U.S. Army psychologist, well known for his strange behavior, well known for his support of the Jihad and well known to oppose of the war runs amok and kills 13 wounding another 38 before shot and arrested by an American Hero. This Terrorist has made his entire education on Tax Dollar in the Army, and now that he was supposed to do his duty he wanted to get discharged, preaching the Koran, acting strange, posting Terrorist messages on his daily blog and after yelling “Allah et Akbar” murdering 13 Americans and wounding 38.

And Obama is silent. Hours after the shooting he held a press conference shouting at his political party friends, laughing and joking before reading in stoic manor a pre-prepared statement from his teleprompter. While George W. Bush and his wife visited the scene comforting the families and victims, Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) was obviously fighting the tears missing words and trying to give comfort to the people and searching for some non existing sense, Obama was rushing to the Congress making sure his Health bill is being threatened through.

Up until today he has not visited the site, or mentioned the American Hero Sgt. Kimberley Munley who was badly wounded stopping that Terrorist. She should be given the Medal of Honor.

Shady comments and press conferences, all read from a teleprompter without any feelings, remorse or obvious sorrow for the victims is all he has to offer.

Every economist knows that the five pillars of the economy are the a) Car Industry, b) construction industry, c) banking industry and d) oil industry and last but not least e) the Healthcare. Those are the five industries now under Obama’s control to control the citizens. On Saturday he managed to threaten the congress long enough to pass the final draw of health care bill to get the final control over the country and the citizens. This is the begin of the end of the free world and leads me to another conclusion – the entire World wide economy crisis was actually a big conspiracy of the socialists all over the world. Master planned and perfectly executed. To this topic please look forward to my next blog post on Tuesday with the Title: The real reason for the economy crisis”


Conclusion:On the first sight all those events have no direct connection. But if you look closely through all the events this past year than you see that I sure have a point there. The smartest way to conquer a civilization is the diversion through non connected events to take away the eyesight and blind the citizens.



I am not really into conspiracy theories, and have no appreciation for those people always seeing secret societies ruling this word. There are no such societies – it all has method, master planned and with military precision executed.

We live in a set up to destroy the last remaining free country in the world, set up by the socialist and the Muslim who brag since centuries that they are out to conquer the world one way or the other. Well they could not do so with weapons but with the enemy, elected from the people, within. And their endurance paid off.

May God have mercy on America, my home that I love.


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