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Memorial Day 2011 – God bless our Troops


I was thinking about telling you about a talk I had the other day with my son. He asked me why men and women become soldiers and what makes soldiers special.

They are fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, defending those under pressure, and they do so no matter when and no matter where and if that means they have to go in a land far-far away they do so, to ensure you can grow up in a Country where you are free, where you can be a carpenter or a lawyer, a Cowboy or the President no matter what you are free to do whatever you want. So whenever you see one salute him and say thank you because he does not know you by name, but every day he or she is ready to die for you.

I first thought I would tell you about this conversation but I’ve decided not to.

Instead I want to give grace to the only group of men and women who should be walking on red carpets – THE AMERICAN SOLDIER.



Only two ever gave their lives for you

JESUS CHRIST on the Cross for your sins and

THE AMERICAN SOLDIER for your freedom.


Soldier’s Prayer (Psalm 91

By Harriet Yoder

O Lord Most High, help me to dwell in your secret place and abide under Your shadow.

Help me to believe and say out loud for everyone to hear that You are my refuge and my fortress; that You are my God; and that in You I put my trust.

O Lord God Almighty, please deliver me from hidden traps and diseases.

Father God, cover me with Your camouflage; hide me under Your wings; and let Your truth be my shield and buckler against the fiery darts—the lies—of the enemy.

Lord Jesus, help me not to be afraid of terrorists’ attacks in the night; or weapons that fly by day; or sicknesses that walk in darkness; or destruction that wastes at noonday.

O Holy God, though a thousand fall at my side, and ten thousand fall at my right hand; please let it not come close to me and my companions.

O Lord Most High, let me live to see the reward of the wicked, because You are my refuge and my home. Let no evil conquer me and let no plague come into my house or near my family.

O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer, please set angels over me to keep me in all Your ways, to bear me up in their hands and to keep my feet from stumbling.

Father God, help me to tread upon the lion and adder and trample the young lion and the dragon under my feet.

Lord Jesus, I love you with all my heart and I know Your name. Deliver me and lift me on high to soar with the eagles. I call upon you to be with me in times of trouble to deliver and honor me because I know Your name. Please show me Your salvation and satisfy me with a long life.

I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ














War against Texas – How TX Lawmakers cringing before Obama

His Royal Highness Barrack Hussein Obama, tyrant, dictator in chief, ruler over all Americans (who have to shut up when his highness Obama speaks and rules) has done it again and nothing will stop him from doing it again.

He has declared WAR ON TEXAS AND IN A LONG RUN ON EVERY SINGLE STATE OF THE UNION THAT DARES TO TALK BACK – and what makes me double mad is that our Texas legislator have paddled back in no time.

What happened: since month we the citizens complain about the unconstitutional, inappropriate and sexual molesting “pat down” on airports by Federal TSA perverts. The entire country was angry about that.

The blow off was, among many others, the pat down of a 6 month old toddler at Kansas City Airport.


I was so amazingly proud of my Home state when Texas took it upon itself to make bold step forward protecting its citizens from this molesting handling and introduced Texas Legislation Bill HBO 1973 – Travel Freedom Act outlawing this procedure.

In lame terms the bill says that no resident attending a public building or Airport within the boundaries of Texas shell be pat down and any inappropriate physical contact will be prosecuted under Texas Law and that counts also for TSA agents on Airports.

Taking the lead on that many states considered a similar law introduction. But narcissist Dictator in Chief “B.H. Obama” of course did not take that and started an open war on Texas and in a long run any other State that dares not to bow before his highness.

It all started with an open insult to our Governor Rick Perry during Obama’s border visit in El Paso.

Though Obama knew he was going to Austin, the State capitol, he “invited” Rick Perry to travel 400 miles in one direction so he can stay on his side while Obama speaks to illegals.

Responsible Governor Perry informed him that this is a waste of money and time and since Obama is going to be the next day in Austin he is invites to the State capitol for a discussion.

Guess what, that narcissist Obama, being a guest in Texas, did not have enough courtesy, respect and manners to visit the Governor of Texas but ignored his invitation.

The next hit against Texas came right away. While being in Europe on a 6-day petting tour, at least they like him, Obama’s czars issued a letter to Texas Lawmakers concerning the already mentioned Bill “HBO 1973”.

The basic content of the letter reads as followed:

“If HR [sic] 1973 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statue,” Murphy wrote. “Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passenger and crew” (Source – the Tenth Amendment Center).

Or in other words, if Texas dares to protect its residents and its guests from inappropriate physical molesting President Obama will issue a No-Fly Zone over Texas and damage our economy and State sustainably.

As I have learned from Tenth Amendment Center similar letters have been issued to Oklahoma two years ago, Montana and Tennessee in 2009 in response to those states passing a Firearms freedom act, more recently to the Governor of Rhode Island warning against the States implementation of Marijuana legislation, and at least four other states implementing a similar “travel freedom legislation” act.

I was very disappointed to hear that Texas Lawmakers have not lived up to our amazing Heritage as a fighting State and instead of taking a stand against “Obama tyranny” they have pulled their tails between their legs like a beaten dog and on May 24, 2011 one day after the letter was delivered Texas Legislation has withdrawn the “Travel Freedom Act, also known as HBO 1973” and on May 25, 2011 marked the same as “Not placed in Intent” level. 

Shame on you Texas Lawmakers!!

This is not the Texas spirit of our founding fathers in the Alamo. Our spirit is.



But there are things we can do. Call your congressman/woman, call Lt. Governor Dewhurst (Website Link:, his phone number: 512-463-0001, and let them know how disappointed you are, go the Governors website and leave a message (Website Link: or call the governor his phone number is 512-463-2000.

Make them know you support continues of the Bill 1973 and show them that WE THE PEOPLE RULE and not a dictator in Washington.

I wrote a mail to Governor Perry already, I let him know of the publishing my column and I called him.

You also may want to read.

Ann-Marie Murrell on Patriot Update: Texas Anti-Groping Bill Shot Down by DOJ Threatsbased on her Interview with TX Rep. David Simpson 




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Israel’s Nightmare – forcefully back to 1967

The United Nations is well known for hiding its radical dream of being the world’s government behind their alleged humanitarian agenda.

The United Nation is also very well known for their perfidious chess games in order to reach their hidden goals and agendas.

But the pathetic and extremely dangerous game the United Nations is playing right now with Israel in order to achieve their agenda of a Palestinian State is beyond every imagination and could cost the State of Israel a lot more than just the endangerment of their country – it could cost the existence of the State of Israel period.

Palestine Flag (Right Side News)

Palestine Flag (Right Side News)

In my last column I wondered why the United Nations had not prevented the riot of Palestinian protesters on ‘Nakba-Day’ at the Syria/Israel weapons hold line; though they had stationed a 1,500 man strong UNDOF unit there with over 40 years of experience.

The more I think about this the more sense it makes that these “Riots” have been a “dress rehearsal” for something way bigger to come, something that is as radical as it is dangerous for the entire State of Israel and yet it is a stroke of genius in the planning.

Tunisia: When the riots started in January inTunisia and then spread throughout the northern African Muslim regions the whole world lead by the United Nations cheered for the “peaceful protesters” who wanted to take over their countries and chase their dictatorial oppressors out.

Back then I had already warned that this would be an uncontrollable wildfire and even predicted pretty accurately which country would fall.  And it happened just as it had to happen and exactly as predicted by me and many of my colleague’s one country after the next fell.

After Egypt, when Obama for the first time publically supported the Muslim Brotherhood, despite all the warnings from conservative forces all over the world, the agenda and plan became a pattern though it was not yet obvious to see.

In Libya President Obama and the United Nation for the first time showed openly a sign of their agenda when they decided to support the protesters with military force. Under the cover of ‘humanitarian aid’ they decided to bomb Gaddafi troops and so interfere in an inner conflict internationally known as civil war.

Under “UN Resolution1973”NATO was authorized to impose a no-fly zone overLibyato avoid a slaughter of unarmed civilians, pledging that “This is not interference in an inner conflict and not an attack on Libya’s governmental troops or the Libyan Government”.

A pledge that has been broken several times; since the Libyan Air Force has been destroyed the UN Mandate is practically fulfilled and yet NATO keeps bombing Libyan Ground forces to support rebels, which is not covered under the UN Mandate. Even worse NATO has directed its attacks on Gaddafi’s headquarters resulting in the killing of his grandchildren.

And guess what – no protests, no outcry, or screams from any liberal UN butt kisser of the killing small children there. 

Once again President Obama shows publically his support for the Muslim brotherhood and once again publically shows his support for the peaceful protesters.

Despite the continued warnings from more conservative forces that the Muslim Brotherhood is highly connected with Hamas and Al Qaeda members the Obama show must go on.

And now even in Syria, where nobody can believe it, serious riots have broken loose. But what is interesting is that the riots in Syria started on the Southside near the Jordan border not so far away from the West bank.

And again the world fully sides with the “Peaceful protesters”. But the location of the Syrian protests is very important to watch here.

On May 1st Obama took advantage of the Bush administration policy and finally ordered the kill of Osama bin Laden.

From this moment on, running from descending poll numbers to a new high altitude, POTUS used the favorableness of the hour to reignite his Middle East Policy and the first step was announcing a 2 Billion Dollar financial aid promise from the U.S. to Egypt (Debt forgiveness for 1 billion dollars and the other 1 billion dollars, free money) and then giving a shocking speech demanding Israel should withdraw to its 1967 borders (pre-war borders).

Overdue for another spring (© Nate Beeler)

Overdue for another spring (© Nate Beeler)

This demand was immediately shot down by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ofIsrael.

On Nakba-Day 2011 Palestinian protesters started rioting on the Israeli border and for the first time the UNDOF forces were not present to calm down the situation and it came as it had to come: the results were 12 dead and dozens wounded.

UNDOF Forces protecting Quneitra checkpoint to Israel during protests

UNDOF Forces protecting Quneitra checkpoint to Israel during protests

But something else happened on that day: 1 single man, ignored by the U.S. Media, managed to break through the Israeli line and flee all the way to Tel Aviv (supported by local “Israeli and French Peace movement groups”. According to newspapers he even used public transportation being unrecognized while sitting shoulder to shoulder with Israeli Soldiers.

28 year old Hassan Hijazi, an employee from the Syrian education ministry broke the border in Quneitra, a city under full control of the UNDOF forces (as I explained exactly in my last column), and fled to Jaffa a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Hijazi turned himself in demanding the right to live in that area where his forefathers lived until the creation ofIsraelin 1948, and his family lost. He also claimed thatIsraeldoes not exist and the land is allPalestine.

Meanwhile Hijazi has been expelled fromIsraeland sent back toSyria. But that is the exact danger I want to point out.

When Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House onFriday May 20, 2011he rejected Obama’s radical idea of drawing back to the 1967 borders, calling them “indefensible” lines.

In an inimitable interview, after conferring with POUTUS Prime Minister Netanyahu not only gave Obama a lecture in world politics, but also said something very interesting at the end of the press conference.

He said quote: “After 1967 Israel has absorbed all the Jewish refugees from all over the Arab world while on the other hand the Arab world has not absorbed one single Palestinian refugee”.

The world’s reaction to this rejection and speech of the Israeli Prime Minister was just as to be expected; a constant badgering of Israel as the aggressor, his unwillingness for peace, and the allegation that Israel is the oppressor of the poor Palestinians. 

But he is right. Just as the map below shows, there are over 7 Million Palestinian refugees surroundingIsrael from 5 sides.

Palestinien Refugees surrounding Israel - Source UNHCR / Map © by Tom Lehner

Palestinien Refugees surrounding Israel - Source UNHCR / Map © by Tom Lehner

Putting the following three facts together: a) Palestinians will push the UN in September for their own recognized State (only question is where), b) Obama publically announcing the demand of Israel to retreat back to its old borders, and c) UNDOF’s complete unresponsiveness to the riots on Nakba day. This leaves only one reasonable suspicion – THIS WAS A COLD RUN; A REHEARSAL FOR MORE TO COME. 

And when we recollect the “Gaza Flotilla” where Palestinians attacked Israeli’s with sticks, baseball bats, and rocks forcing the Israeli Navy to open fire on them this whole perfidious plan makes sense when I say Nakba Day 2011 was a cold run and dress rehearsal.  

Just imagine this: 7 Million “peaceful unarmed protesters” start pushing into Israel.

Israel’s military is one of the best in the world and well equipped to fight, and battle every armed conflict, but how are they supposed to react when unarmed civilians from 5 sides with sticks and stones flood the country and occupy the entire area south of the West bank?

If they shoot at them hot (with sharp ammunition) the world’s community will consider Israel the aggressor putting them in the same category with dictators and tyrants. 

The bottom line is,Israelis not prepared for that and the UN knows it. All the UN needs to do is either remove its forces (UNODF and UNIFIL) or order them to stand down and let things take its course.

The world will immediately side with the Palestinian refugees andIsraelwill be doomed. Step one, in my opinion,Israelwill be forced to retreat back to its borders of 1967 and in step two Arab Forces will start a new War againstIsraelfor final destruction.

This is impossible? Just take a look at northernAfrica,Syria, and the rest of theMiddle East.

And now imagine 10 million Mexican farmers gathering on our southern borders demanding Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California back supported by the 2 million Illegal’s already inside our borders.

Imagine they start flooding our borders. Knowing that only 44% of the American Southern border is secured what would we do? Would we shoot at the flooding crowd, or would we just stay there and watch?

Just like Israelwe could not fire on the protesters or we would be outlawed in the worlds community, fences won’t hold them or stop them so please you tell me – WHAT WOULD WE DO – WHAT SHOULD ISRAEL DO?  

It is going to be a Hot Summer 2011 for Israel

Pray for Israel and may

God in Heaven Bless and protect Israel and

The United States of America



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Nakba day 2011 – Israel trapped by the UN?

What is ‚Nakbah day‘– يوم النكبة Yawm an-Nakbah means “day of catastrophe” and is an annual commemoration of the Palestinian’s protesting the creation of the State of Israel. This particular day coincides with the “Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut).

This year’s Nakbah day caused at least 12 dead and dozens of wounded and once again broughtIsraelat a loss to explain.

Ethan Bronner of New York Times titles “Israeli Troops fire as marchers breach borders”  and Allison K. Sommer titles in Pajamas Media “’Nakba Day’ Incidents worry Israel and Embarrass the IDF,” but I disagree with her.

I don’t think that this year’s horrible outcome was an embarrassment to Israel, but rather an entrapment of the United Nations in order TO EMBARRASS ISRAEL.

And the reason for my suspicion is pretty simple and based on my own personal knowledge and experience: Austrian Newspapers confirm that this incident occurred at the Golan Heights which is under control of UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force) and this particular area is under control of the Austrian Battalion. In order to understand my suspicion I have to explain a few standard procedures to you.

I just find myself back in memories when I was a very young man in the late 80’s early 90’s doing my duty of honor in that region

SYRIA / ISRAEL STATUS: One most important issue is the fact that there is no such thing as peace between those two countries and therefore no such thing as a border.

The crossing line is an international recognized Weapons Hold Line along the massive mountains called “Golan heights”. Left and right of this WHL is a so called buffer zone which is controlled by UNDOF and commonly known as the Golan Heights. Israeland Syriahave the codenames “Alpha Side” (Israel)and “Bravo Side” (Syria) as we read from left to right from west to east.

The head quarter’s used to be on Strada Mezeh inDamascus(Syria), but was transferred in the late 90’s to Camp Faouar Bravo Side (Syria). One camp with HQ is on Bravo Side and one camp is on Alpha side.

There is one border/fence line crossing between those countries and that is in Quneitra controlled by the UN. Until 2004 crossing was only permitted to UN Soldiers and their dependants (family members). Although it is now open to Arabs from Syria to Israel it is extremely limited.

UNDOF: United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (the name is program) is a light armed Armed Forces station between Syria and Israel. Not to be mistaken with UNTSO of which is stationed between Lebanon and Israel. UNDOF has been stationed there since 1967 and is composed of different countries of which some provide Observer posts and some are logistics. The orders are simple: “Peace through Presence” which means showing physical presence between parties and “observe and report” which means what is says – report any incident to headquarters now inCampFaouar inSyria. Then HQ reports directly toNew York.  

They would not stand any chance in an armed conflict anyway because they are only lightly armed meaning side arms, standard assault rifles, and light machine guns. The standing order is: In case of outbreak of war – coordinated retreat to Turkey border.

The chain of command is also important to mention here: UN Headquarter, New York => Headquarter Camp Faouar => Countries (Battalions) present.

The place of this year’s Nakbah Tragedy happened in the Austrian (Ausbatt) sector of the Golan Heights.

Arab protests: Arab protests are nothing new to UNDOF in that area. As a matter of fact two ongoing repeat protests are standard there. One is called family shouting and one is called Nakbah protests.

Despite constant changes in UN procedures, Austrian soldiers usually act very professional considering they have little authority or any proper armory.

Field of incidence: This is a tricky field. We are talking about a simple worthless grass field that is about2 miles long and500 yards wide. Officially it belongs to Israel but for some reason, only known to God almighty, IDF did not put their fence on the east side where it belongs, but on the west side.

Now the UN Forces are supposed to hinder Syrian sheep farmers to enter that field. Ausbatt does this by going on patrol in that field and chasing all the sheep farmers away. They know they are not supposed to enter that field but do it anyway, knowing that once a month an IDF soldier shoots across the fence (he is allowed to since the field belongs to Israel) and kills a few sheep.

Now you might ask what the purpose is. The answer is simple, sheep farmers claim they did not know they were entering Israeli territory and then they complain about the sheep being killed and loss of income, blaming the UN for not watching, and demand restitution from the UN.

Family shouting: Before the times of internet, twitter, and Facebook there were no telephones, mail exchange, or any other contact between families separated during Yom Kippur.  

Family shouting gathering

Family shouting gathering

This problem was solved through “once a month” family shouting. Family members on both sides of the fence gathered together on a hilltop in the Austrian sector near position 18, Israelprovided a small unit to control the crowd on the Israeli side, Syrian forces did the same and the UN stood with an EGG group right in the middle observing the whole thing.

Once everything was in place family members ‘shouted their news of baby birth, marriages, and other family news across a distance of 500 feetwith megaphones.

This has happened once a month since 1967 – It’s nothing new so Austrian forces have a long history of experience with it. The worst injuries were usually the headaches at the end of the day due to the increasing use of aspirin. Since 1997 families can use calling cards to call their family members.

Nakbah Protests: This happens once a year in the same area under the same conditions and the procedure of the UN remains exactly the same. Headquarters in Camp Faouar issues a higher alert status which allows the higher alert readiness for the EGG Group and their assignment depends on the amount of protesters.

Quneitra: The bombed city on the WHL/border toIsrael. Quneitra is a bombed and abandoned city and a miracle in itself. Syria claims Israel bombed it when they retreated, Israel claims Syria destroyed it themselves in order to blame Israel, the UN puts out every year another ‘Historical’ story and after 45 years I guess only God really knows who destroyed that city.

Quneitra Protests

Quneitra Protests

In my time Quneitra was known for 3 things: One, it was the only fence line crossing and limited to the UN.

Two, the so called “manhole cover road”. The main street with huge manhole covers, covering the sewer line. Though we constantly closed them for some reason in the middle of the night they would be open again, we guessed Arab kids having their fun. Going on patrol in the pitch-black night those holes were easily missed and cost us several broken car axles.

And three, once a month on Friday after prayer a crowd of approximately 100 Shiite protesters came to town climbing the bombed out hospital and yelling and shouting towards the arch enemy, the500 yardsaway Israeli.

For us nothing serious, again the units there were called on EGG Alarm and that was it.

EGG Group/Alarm: I used many times in this column the term EGG and now I would love to explain to you what that is.

Undof/Ausbatt Soldiers prepare for riots

Undof/Ausbatt Soldiers prepare for riots

EGG or “Ein-Greif-Gruppe” (Interference Unit) is a small unit on permanent 24/7 alert status.

In case of protests (Nakbah, Family shouting, Quneitra Protests, and others) this unit is called out. They drive in Trucks to the place of protest, armed with light arms (Ausbatt: Glock side arms for officers, and STG 77 assault rifles for enlisted) and barbwire rolls.

After unrolling the wire, that is supposed to keep protesters in line, soldiers take position and wait for the Syrian “Liaison Officer”, usually a young Lieutenant that speaks English and you can be sure he belongs to the Military intelligence (Never officially confirmed, but everybody knows it).

Peace without force through simple presence.

Since 1967 the Austrian Armed Forces have done a marvelous job with this. The men and women are highly professional when it comes to following the orders. They have even earned (early 90’s) the Nobel Peace Prize for their outstanding job. Unlike Obama, they really earned it. 

Where was the UN on that day?

Conclusion: Putting the entire puzzle together – In looking at  45 years of successful experience in dealing with those situations, makes one wonder why this year it did not work and ended in 12 dead and dozens of injured in a shootout.

The easy explanation is what most Newspapers do – They blame Israel. But I think that is way too easy and incorrect. Again, knowing these procedures as an insider I come to a totally different conclusion.

This incident was purposely provoked through absence by the UN. 

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu just announced a “No Stop on Settlements”.
  • The peace negotiations betweenPalestineandIsraelare stalled.
  • The deadline is September for the UN council to vote on the acceptance of the State of Palestine.
  • With Barrack Obama in the White House, a will faring UN puppet, Israel has no support whatsoever. In addition Obama openly supports Hamas and Hezbollah, which allows them to get cockier every day.

What better way to force Israel into peace negotiations. Order the UNDOF forces to stand down during the protests knowing that without UN control, Palestinians will turn peaceful protests in to riots. This creates nervous IDF soldiers, due to the missing UNDOF, which then makes for a violent confrontation with Israel getting the blame.

For the UN this is a “win” “win” situation. Israel is forced to be on the defensive because the whole world, once again, blames them for the dead, and the UN will use this to forward their agenda in the creation of a Palestinian State.

Radical Agenda built on 12 dead Palestinians with Obama’s acceptance. 





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R.I.P. – Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution

~~ How Liberals Dismantle the Constitution Piece by Piece ~~

There is a war going on. And the war is between WE THE PEOPLE – WE THE CONSTITUTION LOVING AMERICANS versus the constitution dismantling liberals.

We’re already used to seeing hits against the constitution by President Obama and his radical thugs of the Democrat party.

Every single day we witness, among many others, hits against traditional marriage, the constant attacks on the second Amendment rights to bear arm, freedom of person liberty through TSA pet downs at Airports, and the unconstitutional force of Obama Care.

Those attacks are perpetrated by lawmakers who actually took an oath to “Defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” and yet the very same democrat lawmakers, and their appointed czars and radical pundits work very hard every single day to dismantle the Constitution piece by piece.

The latest and most brutal attack on the constitution took place on May 11, 2011 by Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David when he ruled against the 4th Amendment of the “Right of Privacy”. 


4th Amendment (Search and Seizure)

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall be issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized.

(Dated back to the English Magna Charta of 1215)


What wonderful words, now worthless.

What happened: The court’s decision is based on a case inVanderburgh County,Indiana. Cops were called to a domestic argument between a couple, husband and wife, outside their apartment.

The couple went back inside their apartment and the husband told police officers that their service was no longer needed. He blocked the doorway to refuse the Police officers entry to the apartment.

The police forcefully made their way into the apartment and the homeowner shoved the Police officer against the wall and then was hit by a second officer with a stun gun, and then arrested.

The entry of the Police officers into the apartment was never asked for by the wife or the husband so the cops, in my opinion, had no legal authorization to go inside.

Sure one can say that this was Mr. Barnes’ own fault by pushing the officer against the wall; however he has every right to defend his home and once he refused entry to the police any further attempt by the same is a violation of his privacy rights.

In a 3-2 decision Justice David writing for the court says if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, homeowners cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry.

As a matter of fact Justice David says that a person arrested following an unlawful entry by police still can be released on bail which allows plenty of opportunities to protest the illegal entry through the court system.

Or in other words up until now the burden of proof rested clearly on the Prosecution (the state), but in this case it appears that it rests on the defendant. Once again if we, the citizens, feel our privacy rights have been violated due to unlawful search and seizure we have to hire a Lawyer and file charges.

Since not everybody can afford high priced Lawyers, this is nothing but a free pass for the police to act as they please.

Just imagine this: As of now any cop if he does not like your face, your car or if he is jealous because you dare to work hard and drive a fancy vehicle can now, according to this law, stop you and search and seize your car whenever he pleases; In front of your family, your kids, and all your friends embarrassing you just as he/she likes.

And there is nothing you can do about it. 

I don’t remember when the United States became a Police State with Gestapo Methods.

Justice Steven David, born 1957 was a Chief Defense Counsel for the “Office of Military Commission” the body that was authorized to conduct the military commission to try Guantanamo captives.

He was highly critical of the way the commission had relied on hearsay evidence, secret testimony, and that evidence of abusive interrogation had been suppressed. In fact according to “The Times” he called for the entire military commission system to be scrapped. 

In October of 2010 he was appointed by President Obama as Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

Since the United States Justice System is based on a “Creative Precedence” system, meaning that, unless the United States High Supreme Court makes a final ruling, many court decisions are based on previous Supreme Court rulings.

We will soon see what this ruling actually means, when illegal or unconstitutional search and seizures become common practice throughout theUnited Statesciting the Indiana Supreme Court Ruling as the precedence case and prototype.

This is the first direct hit against the United States Constitution taking away our most fundamental indefeasible liberty rights. 

May God have Mercy on America


Rest in Peace Constitution



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The love affair of Democrats and Terrorists

When surfing through international news on Sunday I came across a stunning Article in the Austrian daily newspaper “Österreich” headlining “Bin Laden Secretly in Austria (Bin Laden geheim in Österreich)”.

Since I was born in that country I felt puzzled but not surprised by that news. Since the foundation of the so called second Republic in 1955 after World War 2 plus 10 years of military occupancyAustriahas always performed a so called “political balancing act” or in other words looking the other way rather than having problems with anybody. 


Bottom line of the News article: In 1993, when visitingAustria, Osama bin Laden was recognized inSaudi Arabia and theU.S. as a fundamentalist, but not as a terrorist. Ayman al-Zawahiri however had already been a recognized Terrorist on an international Search warrant for his involvement in the killing of Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat. Osama bin Laden was issued a passport from the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina inVienna and for that he must have been physically present.

Austriawas very well aware of the status of Zawahiri. But instead of following up on their obligation to arrest him they decided to prohibit him to speak publicly, that way they could claim no knowledge and avoid potential retaliation of terrorists (that is one way to deal with Terrorists).

What I also read in that article was that under full protection of the United Statesthe two of them funneled almost a half a Billion Dollars through the Viennese based Help organization “Third World Relief Agency”.

With full knowledge of the United States Government Bin Laden and his friend Zawahiri funneled that half a Billion Dollars to Bosniain order to deploy a fundamental Brigade under the 3. Corps of the Bosnia-Muslim Army named “Mudschahid”. The manpower of this brigade held 5,000 Arabic “Gods-Warriors” trained inSudan.

(Since not all of my readers speak German, I copied and pasted the article and translated the same: I posted it on including the link to the newspaper) 


So why is this article then called “Democrats and their Love affair with Terrorists?

Short Flashback: In mid 1979 Democrat President Jimmy Carter launched the controversial CIA operation delivering weapons and Money to the Afghanistan Mujahedin where Osama bin Laden fought against the Russians. Though the official training of the Mujahedin had exclusively been done by the Pakistani Army they would not have done it without President Carter’s permission.

President Reagan, who inherited this controversial training, stopped that nonsense in 1989.

It is believed that the first bombing attack involving Bin Laden was inDecember 29, 1992, bombing the Gold Mihor Hotel inAdenin which two people were killed.

In 1993 Democrat President Bill Clinton refused first to recognize the “First World Trade Center Bombing” (which killed 6) as a terror attack and in the same year, though Zawahiri was already a recognized terrorist and Bin Laden already on a watch list, used the both of them to coordinate the American attacks onBosnia. As a matter of fact, Osama bin Laden was the coordinator of the U.S. Air Strikes and the 3. Corps Bosnia-Muslim Army ground forces. 


So it is no surprise that President Clinton, among other opportunities, refusedSudan’s request to arrest Bin Laden as well as he simply ignoredYemen’s plea for help in 1993 on the same issue.

Republican President George. W. Bush replaced Bill Clinton in 2001. By then Osama Bin Laden was already responsible for several bombings such as the Luxor Massacre ’97 (62 dead), the U.S. Embassy bombing in 1998 (hundreds dead), etc.


After the 9/11 attack President George W. Bush finally did the right thing putting Osama bin Laden on the list as #1 Enemy of the State.

Ten Years later Democrat President Obama finally gets the opportunity his Democrat party predecessor Bill Clinton missed and took advantage of the hard work of the Bush Administration killing Bin Laden.


Nevertheless, the streak of Terrorist loving Democrat Policy continues with President Obama by officially supporting next to Terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, the radical Muslim Brotherhood (remember the same organization Ayman al-Zawahiri was a member of in 1992), and helped the same to take out Hosni Mubarak.

He officially supports the same organization throughout the entire northernAfricarevolution streak includingLibya. Sure Muammar al Gaddafi is a tyrant and terrorist himself and needs to be removed, but I doubt replacing a tyrant/terrorist with another terrorist organization is a better trade.

Don’t forget that with this thoughtless and un-planned revolt support Al Qaeda in Maghreb becomes more powerful on a daily base and with Bin Laden being dead and the Power struggle within this terror organization ahead Al Qaeda in Maghreb, sitting on Billions of Dollars in Oil (only European Countries profit from), becomes probably the most influential part of this Terror Network.

The U.S. Democrats and their European Socialist Pendants have in addition to their love affair with Marxism, anti – Private business, irresponsible Budget dealings, ultra liberalism affiliation with baby slaughter, as well as affection for sexual liberal alternative lifestyles, one very dangerous issue in common: Their blind sighting on terrorists.

They both are so eager to prove to the world their self declared humanitarianism that they would rather sleep with the devil and endanger not only their home country (Democrats the U.S., Europeans their home countries) but also our allies, friends, and the entire free world. 


And may




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Obama ignites Emigration Agenda in El Paso

Watching President Obama’s “Immigration Reform” speech on Tuesday May 10,2011 inEl Paso, Texas makes it crystal clear that this entire Agenda has absolutely nothing to do with home land security, border protection, or economical issues.

It is all about his political survival and the election-campaigning ahead, not to forget, he wants to send a message to the Hispanic Community that he is willing to use his new popularity to grab the Agenda by the horns as he promised in his campaign in 2008.

Problem was for him that the Healthcare debate was devastating for his presidency and Obama knew if he took on the Immigration agenda at the same time, he could kiss the chance of a second term good bye.

But now after the Osama execution, that he sold so eloquently as his very own success (got to give 5 Stars to the Democratic Public Relations machinery), he now feels he can use this moment to push another radical Agenda which is again widely opposed by the American people, but he has to keep his promise if he wants the Hispanic support for re-election.

And so the President heads to Texas, the very same City were Janet Napolitano stood in March on a bridge connecting El Paso to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico proclaiming border security “better than ever”. 

********** BREAKING NEWS****BREAKING NEWS**********

National Terror Alert center reports, under reference to Associated Press and, on Wednesday May 11th, 2011 (one day after Obama was in El Paso and one Month after Napolitano declares out borders safer than ever: “Sophisticated smuggling tunnel found in Nogales”


In his speech President Obama claims that “under Secretary Napolitano’s leadership we have strengthened border security beyond what many believed was possible….they wanted a fence. Well the fence is now complete”. This is absolutely wrong.

The fact of the matter is, according to “Government Accountability Office reports (U.S. GAO)” only670 Miles of the entire2200 mile border is complete and 1120 southwest border miles have not yet achieved operational control. According to Sheriffs working and living along the U.S.-Mexican border they call the assertion this administration has done to enforce the border a laughable matter.

Obama also claims credit that 64% more weapons have been confiscated than before – he just forgot to say that Attorney General Eric Holder first sold those weapons to the drug lords in Mexico. So the 64% he confiscated are basically those he handed out himself. 

  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) said quote: “Mr. President, 44 percent is a failing grade. If 44 percent is the most secure the border has ever been it’s time to get to work to improve the grade. The American people expect nothing less than a A-Plus on border security:”

Or in lame terms – if 44% is most secure – what happens with the remaining 66%? Just hours before Mr. Obama’s El Paso visit the State of Texas passed a bill that would prevent so called “sanctuary cities” from telling police to ignore immigration violations.

Maybe Secretary Napolitano and Mr. Obama haven’t understood so far that the border security and immigration violations problems cannot be solved on a computer with animated graphics, but is a real problem for real people.

How much Obama understands about Security and Economics shows in the one comment he made during the speech: “Those who break immigration laws should “pay their taxes, pay their fines and learn English” before getting right back into line to obtain citizenship.”

I said it several times, I have no clue where Mr. Obama got his Law degree, but I refuse to believe that a prestigious Law school such as Harvard failed to teach him how to read Federal Laws.

Illegal Immigrants beak at least 4 Federal Laws when crossing the border: Border violation, Tax fraud, forging federal documents, Social Security fraud.

Here is a little excerpt as what they would have to face if the Law was really enforced: 

  • Illegal border crossingSection 1325 in Title 8 of the United States code punishes enter or an attempt to enter the United States without permission with a maximum prison term of 6 month for the first offense and 2 years subsequently. Considering the fact that the majority are repeat violators do the math.


  • Tax Fraud– Title 26 USC §§ 7201, 7202, 7203, 7206(1), 7206(2), 7212 (A), Title 18 USC § 371 are punishable between 3 years and 5 years in prison according to the IRS


  • Forging Documents – In order not to get caught illegals maintain a roaring commerce with federal and State documents, such as Social security cards (necessary to be eligible for an apartment, driver’s license, getting the kids in school, etc.). According to the punishment varies based on size and scope as well as involvement in other crimes. But the happy hand round and flourishing trade has organized Crime character.


  • Social Security fraudSSA 143.2 reads: The penalty upon conviction for violation of the penal provisions of the Social Security Act or one of the related provisions of the Federal Criminal Code may be a fine, imprisonment, or both. The penalty ranges from a fine of not more than $500, imprisonment of one year, or both to a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment of not more than 15 years, or both. The penalty depends upon the specific law violated.

Considering the fact that this is an ongoing crime committed on purpose, repeatedly by several family members and with the full knowledge of the illegality there is no way they should qualify for minimum sentences.

Even under a liberal point of few, looking at those crimes I don’t see any chance that illegals could get away with a fine – I see a minimum of 10 years in federal Prison (considering the terms served consecutive and without state charges)

Or does the President insinuate again that he is willing to obstruct justice as he did after the rejection of the DREAM act. Remember when he announced that he is not willing to enforce immigration laws on illegal students abusing our social system.

My facebook friend brought up a good point when saying this would be “Citizenship by default”.

Obama say’s let them pay their taxes. Good – what taxes? Let us take a closer look at the numbers.

Illegal Immigration costs Arizona and California 12 Billion Dollars each per year. According to CIS (Center for Immigration Studies) illegal’s rip off the IRS for a total of 6 Billion Dollars per year.

And last but not least the same source shows that 71% of all illegal’s use one or more welfare programs (See the graphics in Fig1 to 13 here🙂 which costs additional Billions of Dollars every year.

Jena McNeill from Heritage Foundation explains: “An amnesty would cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars – at a time where debt is at the ceiling and budgets are busted. It would also reward those who broke the law and came into the U.S. illegally over those who came to the U.S. the legal way.”

Or in other words – I came legally into this country after waiting and filing for 15 years – this amnesty would be a slap in my face.

But I am sure the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, is pleased with that situation because instead of paying taxes here in American those thugs send an estimated 40 Cents on every Dollar back to Mexico which is a win-win situation for them. Mexico does not have to care for its poor and they still get 40 % of the money stolen from the American Tax payers or in numbers 40% from the estimated 12 Billion Dollars which is 4.8 Billion Dollars for Mexico AND THAT IS EVERY YEAR

Only in America – welcome to America



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Thor – the Movie

I remember when I was a kid. Like all little boys I could not get enough from Comics, much to the chagrin of my parents, and of course with every comic my fantasy got the best of me. I always wanted to be the Superhero, the one that the girls pine for. Superman was out of the question because I had a problem with gravity, and Batman as well because I was not allowed to leave the house after dark – I tell you my childhood was tough. Hulk I thought was too ugly and as a green monster I could not get the girls.

But there was one that has always been my hero – THOR, the thunder god; I could identify myself with him.

One day my kindergarten sweetheart was not allowed to come out and play and I decided to rescue her from the evil hands of Loki (her evil father). A man’s word is his bond, I took my mom’s best table cloth, a brooch (an heirloom from her grandma), hey I needed a cape after all, and my dad’s sledgehammer. All armed and ready to take on evil I ran out of the house right into our neighbor’s brand-new car where I made a huge dent.

By Odin that was the end of my Superhero career.

Like many others, growing older I learned all about ancient history and their “Gods” in High school and pictured Asgard (the home of the Nordic Gods) as a Spartan place all gray.

With that expectation I went to the movies to watch the new Marvel /Paramountmovie “Thor”. One thing upfront 3D is a must on this movie. I don’t believe that the entire setting comes out quite as good in 2D as it does in 3D.

Director Kenneth Branagh, movie fans know him for “Henry V”, “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, “Hamlet”, or “Valkyrie”, definitely changed my views on Asgard.

Unfortunately he did not use a lot of fantasy and copied many issues and topics from other movies. He took from Star Wars the opulence, from Stargate the idea of the heritage of the ancient Gods (not Gods but rather superior aliens), and a little bit of “Kate and Leopold (the displaced man from the past).

The costumes were excellent, the architecture of the Asgard universe typical Branagh Style opulent with a streak of Shakespeare.

The movie has everything a good adventure needs. A cute and sweet scientist, a good looking hero, some funny friends, the evil and always jealous brother who turns out not to be a real brother, but stolen during a raid and so becomes the traitor, and not even the evil almighty American federal Agents are missing – you know the guys with the dark sunglasses, no sense of humor, a fake name of a top secret Government institution, and almighty governmental power.

The Story is simple: the quite immature and egomaniac Thor almost risks the “weapons hold status” with an enemy world, some real evil, and an ugly looking ice people. All-father Odin casts him out and sends him to Exile on earth.

Not without sending his hammer Mjölnir after him, casting the same with the oath that the hammer is only allowed to come back to Thor when he appears worthy.

It comes as it had to come, Thor is on earth highly misplaced which leads to a lot of funny scenes and a tender love story.

As far as the cast goes:

Chris Hemsworth as Thor did a marvelous job. He was omnipresent, and very sympatric. He definitely outplayed everybody. A natural acting talent we definitely will hear a lot more from. And he even managed to prevail almost equal to the great Sir A. Hopkins, which sure shows his talent and capacity.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as all-father Odin is in a class of his own; he is an excellent character actor, with a presence that is nowhere else to be found. Even if he plays “only” supporting cast, like here, he is the carrying pillar of the movie. No matter if he is mad and mean like a raging godfather or soft and gentle like a loving grandfather; I don’t know anybody else who can show so many facets of his capability.

Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster was very disappointing. She never ran up to her full ability. Knowing her from Star Wars or Black Swan, in this movie she was never really authentic as a scientist. During the entire movie she came across more like a displaced girl with a master’s degree. In my opinion she was outplayed by everybody else and not the center of the movie as she should have been.

Tom Hiddleston did a great job as evil and yet a tattered Loki. His battle of jealousy turning into hatred leading to betrayal and finally evil was excellently portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. An Actor to be watched and if he plays his cards right we will hear some more from him.

The supporting cast from Rene Russo as Frigga (Thor’s mother) to Thor’s friends, beautiful and talented Jaimie Alexander as Sif (makes Xena look like a dumb chick with sword), and Josh Dallas as Fandral did a great job.

Overall, a good family movie that manages 2 hours of a great mix of Magic, Science Fiction, action, comedy, and a love story.

I am happy to say that the movie is without foul language or sex and the most naked skin to be seen is topless Thor in jeans. The movie also managed to have 2 hours of action, blasting lightning, battle scenes, and rumbling without bloodthirsty moments and cruel brutality.

I think the movie has something for everybody, for boys and daddies the action, for mommies and young girls the love story: Only the monsters from the “Ice-world” could cause some nightmares if one of your kids is a little tender and easily scared. Other than that it is a whole lot of fun and definitely worth the money.

If I could give Stars I would give this movie 4 of 5

Have fun and enjoy the movie

Don’t mess with Texas – How TWO Texans shattered Osama

Week one of the post Osama bin Laden week and POTUS still travels through the country like a Rock star acting like he has been the Hero of the OBL execution, like it was all his personal victory.

No matter if it is the media friendly orchestral appearance at Ground Zero shouting “We Will Never Forget” (like he has ever been on the side of the American people) or his announcement to visit the Navy SEAL training camp in Coronado.

Constantly pointing out that this is “NOT” about his re-election – Yea right, is the Pope catholic?

But what Obama still refuses to admit, but what the Media more and more is recognizing is that Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Just as I pointed out in my latest column (“WordPress” and “Amarillo Examiner”) Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum said it pretty accurate as well on Thursday May 5th 2011 first presidential debate: “if you look at what President Obama has done right in foreign policy, it was a continuation of the Bush policies,” Santorum said. The decision he made with Osama bin Laden – that was a tactical decision. It wasn’t a strategic decision. The strategic decision was made by President Bush, to go after him”.

Ann-Marie Murrell, columnist for many leading Online Magazine’s brought it right to the point when she said in her column on Patriot Update: “Thank you Mr. President (President Bush that is….)”.

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell

Next to former President George W. Bush there is another Texan that had a major Role in the demise of Osama bin-Laden.

As the Washington Post reports, San Antonio, Texas born Vice Admiral William H. McRaven, was the commanding officer of the “Joint Special operations Command” for three years and the man that hunted Osama bin-Laden the past three years and lead the tactical groundwork for the successful execution of the world’s most wanted terrorist.

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven, born in San Antonio, Texas graduated from Roosevelt High school and then from the University of Texas, Austin where he was a member of the “Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps”. He graduated in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and holds a master’s degree from the “NavalPostgraduateSchool” where he helped and was the first graduate from the Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict curriculum (from Wikipedia).

Vice Admiral McRaven is a highly awarded War Veteran who served in: Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and now Operation Geronimo that lead to the Osama bin-Laden closure.

He himself is a trained Navy SEAL, and in addition carries the Navy Parachutist badge (not worn), Presidential service Badge and the Joint Special Operations Command badge.

Among many other awarded medals Vice Admiral McRaven was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal (2), Legion of Merit Medal (2) and Bronze Star (2)

This man is a true Texas Hero and we Texan’s can be proud of him. So while POTUS travels through the country enjoying the success of others it was twoTexas heroes’s that actually and truly led the way to success.

So here is my message to all you Terrorists, criminals, drug and weapon smugglers out there: 

We come and get ya



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Royal Wedding, Liberals and traditional Marriage

Marriage should be honored by all,
and the marriage bed kept pure,
for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
(Hebrews 13:4)

In the late 60’s black civil rights activists joined forces with radical feminist groups and formed a new-age teaching called “Diversity”, basically a grassroots idea of multiculturalism.

Under the false pretense of protecting the rights of alleged minorities, woman’s rights and alternative sexual orientation they faced a strong opposition: Conservative Christians who upheld their ideal of morality and strong family values.

They found their first highlight in the late 60’s and 70’s and the “Hippy era”. Free love was the call of that time. And free love, or better anarchic sexual lifestyle of course came with consequences and the consequence of abortion was among many of the downfalls.

These times were short lived and the call for more morals and values increased.

But instead of taking a step back to reconsider their ideology and finally taking responsibility for their anarchic behavior the left over’s from those Hippie times have now become activists in those organizations, supported by liberal left wing radical Politicians from the Democrat party.

Best example is the Kennedy family. JFK was THE personification of a womanizer who slept with every woman that was not by three on a tree.

Today we live in fast moving times, a so called “fast food generation” where moral traditional values are washed away with the famous phrase “We do not live in the medieval times but rather in the 21st century” (I still never figured out what a number has got to do with moral values – but then I never really figure out the thinking of liberals period).  

Since then the ACLU, ACORN, radical feminist rights activists groups, and other liberal Democratic Party affiliated organizations erode more and more the principals of traditional marriage as well as traditional moral values and principles.

Conservatives and their strong moral Judeo-Christian Values always stood and still stand in the way of their liberalism and alternative lifestyle and in their mind need to be pushed back.

And while we conservatives desperately defend our lifestyle we lose more and more ground because, other than us, liberal organizations pretty quickly found out that the best way to promote their lifestyle is using political lobbyism and the media.

Scandalous Democrat Politicians made their lifestyle political program using the Media as a platform. Instead of apologizing for their scandals and stepping down they appeared and still do on the media wallowing in self pity and blaming everything on the hard hearted conservatives.

And the media plays along. They found out that “Sex Sells” and where previously reluctant it’s now a promotion of alternative lifestyle.

When Lindsey Lohan, for example, goes for the tenth time to court, or is again and again caught being drunk and stoned the Media does not condemn hr, but rather makes her a role model and a victim.

Or let’s take a look at Paris Hilton. Who is Paris Hilton? She is a nothing with the short end of the brain, doing nothing but using drugs, getting drunk, flashing her privates, changing sexual partners on a daily base and partying. But according to the Media this individual is being considered a Role model for our youth.

The same counts for Hollywoodactors, stars, and starlets. The more scandals they produce – the more viewer levels/or sales volume on print media – the better, living by the rough-rule-of-thumb “Better bad news and scandals then no news at all”.

And so the Media became a willing partner and perfect platform for those radical organizations. Now they can use the numbers of the media as a justification for their radical immoral anti-family value teachings. 

The final straw is the Governmental indoctrination of the alternative lifestyle.

ACORN, ACLU, and all the others are perfectly networked with Democratic Party representatives, due to election contributions. The same Democrat politicians pay them back in three steps.

Step one is the production of so called “discrimination laws”. Those laws are designed to prohibit freedom of speech in a way that every time we conservatives take a stand for our moral values and principles we commit the crime of discrimination. 

Step two is the installation of liberal federal and Supreme Court judges to support Liberal ACLU and ACORN issues through the law producing precedential cases.

Step three is the most perfidies one. Now thanks to those “discrimination-laws” the government can indoctrinate our children on alternative lifestyle legally since the same politicians also provide the framework for school teachings in public schools and liberal judges justify the same through precedential cases.

Last but not least, those organizations use Poll numbers in order to convince the public that they are acting in the best interest of the majority. But those numbers are to be reviewed very carefully. A good friend of mine once said: “I never trust polls I haven’t forged myself”. The trick lies in the questionnaire and the people they ask.

So according to ACORN, ACLU, radical Feminist Rights activists, and other left wing radical groups the “Traditional marriage” and conservative lifestyle is outdated and dead.

But the opposite is true. Numbers show that, especially young people, more and more people long for traditional marriage, traditional families, and more moral values.

Dating Websites boom, dating shows in TV are fast sellers, MTV usually known for its liberal program launched religious adds on their Station; and even the ultra-liberal TV Station CNN was the strongest force with 500 representatives at the Royal Wedding in the UK this past Friday to assure they did not miss one moment of this amazing romantic wedding. 

YES onFriday April 29, 2011something strange happened.

More than 2 Billion People worldwide watched the fairytale marriage of Prince William Arthur Phillip Lois House of Windsor, second in line for the British crown and the civic Catherine Elisabeth Middleton – now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (2)

So, if traditional marriage is, in the public opinion dead, why would 2 Billion people bother to watch this marriage for more than 6 hours?

I have talked to people and a lot of them tried to explain to me that this is only because of the fairytale where a common woman marries a real life prince, the fairytale dream of every young girl.

But if that were true, people wouldn’t need to watch for 6 hours, CNN would not have to send over 500 people to that event, and hundreds of thousands of people would not need to go there to see it live – they would just need to wait for the executive summary.

The truth is that this particular wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine represents a lot more than just the fairy tale of prince and princess.

This marriage represents the lost dream of every woman and every man to live happily ever after with her personal prince charming or his personal princess.

In times where in some U.S. States it is more difficult to get a Marriage permit than it is to get a divorce.

In times where radical liberal groups teach us that marriage is not forever and this institution is outdated and if your marriage does not work just divorce and try the next one.

In times where people don’t know anymore how to fight for marriage because radical organizations teach us that the easy way out is always better than to fight for love ignoring the fact that people more and more long for stability and traditional values.

People watch those weddings because of their secret desire to find the same, a marriage that lasts forever. Thousands of entrepreneurs, wedding planers, and marriage outfitter’s make a living from personal fairy tales.

And the fact that so many people watched this Wedding makes me hopeful that traditional moral values are not dead and traditional marriage is not outdated as so many articles, blogs, and liberal radical grassroots try to tell us.

I am not willing to give up the fight on this issue and I will continue the fight for traditional marriage and values.

So let’s not take traditional values, family matters, and traditional family values away from us, fight for the traditional marriage and take a stand for what is right. 

What God has joined together let no man put asunder
(Matthew 19:6)




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