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Israel’s Nightmare – forcefully back to 1967

The United Nations is well known for hiding its radical dream of being the world’s government behind their alleged humanitarian agenda.

The United Nation is also very well known for their perfidious chess games in order to reach their hidden goals and agendas.

But the pathetic and extremely dangerous game the United Nations is playing right now with Israel in order to achieve their agenda of a Palestinian State is beyond every imagination and could cost the State of Israel a lot more than just the endangerment of their country – it could cost the existence of the State of Israel period.

Palestine Flag (Right Side News)

Palestine Flag (Right Side News)

In my last column I wondered why the United Nations had not prevented the riot of Palestinian protesters on ‘Nakba-Day’ at the Syria/Israel weapons hold line; though they had stationed a 1,500 man strong UNDOF unit there with over 40 years of experience.

The more I think about this the more sense it makes that these “Riots” have been a “dress rehearsal” for something way bigger to come, something that is as radical as it is dangerous for the entire State of Israel and yet it is a stroke of genius in the planning.

Tunisia: When the riots started in January inTunisia and then spread throughout the northern African Muslim regions the whole world lead by the United Nations cheered for the “peaceful protesters” who wanted to take over their countries and chase their dictatorial oppressors out.

Back then I had already warned that this would be an uncontrollable wildfire and even predicted pretty accurately which country would fall.  And it happened just as it had to happen and exactly as predicted by me and many of my colleague’s one country after the next fell.

After Egypt, when Obama for the first time publically supported the Muslim Brotherhood, despite all the warnings from conservative forces all over the world, the agenda and plan became a pattern though it was not yet obvious to see.

In Libya President Obama and the United Nation for the first time showed openly a sign of their agenda when they decided to support the protesters with military force. Under the cover of ‘humanitarian aid’ they decided to bomb Gaddafi troops and so interfere in an inner conflict internationally known as civil war.

Under “UN Resolution1973”NATO was authorized to impose a no-fly zone overLibyato avoid a slaughter of unarmed civilians, pledging that “This is not interference in an inner conflict and not an attack on Libya’s governmental troops or the Libyan Government”.

A pledge that has been broken several times; since the Libyan Air Force has been destroyed the UN Mandate is practically fulfilled and yet NATO keeps bombing Libyan Ground forces to support rebels, which is not covered under the UN Mandate. Even worse NATO has directed its attacks on Gaddafi’s headquarters resulting in the killing of his grandchildren.

And guess what – no protests, no outcry, or screams from any liberal UN butt kisser of the killing small children there. 

Once again President Obama shows publically his support for the Muslim brotherhood and once again publically shows his support for the peaceful protesters.

Despite the continued warnings from more conservative forces that the Muslim Brotherhood is highly connected with Hamas and Al Qaeda members the Obama show must go on.

And now even in Syria, where nobody can believe it, serious riots have broken loose. But what is interesting is that the riots in Syria started on the Southside near the Jordan border not so far away from the West bank.

And again the world fully sides with the “Peaceful protesters”. But the location of the Syrian protests is very important to watch here.

On May 1st Obama took advantage of the Bush administration policy and finally ordered the kill of Osama bin Laden.

From this moment on, running from descending poll numbers to a new high altitude, POTUS used the favorableness of the hour to reignite his Middle East Policy and the first step was announcing a 2 Billion Dollar financial aid promise from the U.S. to Egypt (Debt forgiveness for 1 billion dollars and the other 1 billion dollars, free money) and then giving a shocking speech demanding Israel should withdraw to its 1967 borders (pre-war borders).

Overdue for another spring (© Nate Beeler)

Overdue for another spring (© Nate Beeler)

This demand was immediately shot down by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ofIsrael.

On Nakba-Day 2011 Palestinian protesters started rioting on the Israeli border and for the first time the UNDOF forces were not present to calm down the situation and it came as it had to come: the results were 12 dead and dozens wounded.

UNDOF Forces protecting Quneitra checkpoint to Israel during protests

UNDOF Forces protecting Quneitra checkpoint to Israel during protests

But something else happened on that day: 1 single man, ignored by the U.S. Media, managed to break through the Israeli line and flee all the way to Tel Aviv (supported by local “Israeli and French Peace movement groups”. According to newspapers he even used public transportation being unrecognized while sitting shoulder to shoulder with Israeli Soldiers.

28 year old Hassan Hijazi, an employee from the Syrian education ministry broke the border in Quneitra, a city under full control of the UNDOF forces (as I explained exactly in my last column), and fled to Jaffa a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Hijazi turned himself in demanding the right to live in that area where his forefathers lived until the creation ofIsraelin 1948, and his family lost. He also claimed thatIsraeldoes not exist and the land is allPalestine.

Meanwhile Hijazi has been expelled fromIsraeland sent back toSyria. But that is the exact danger I want to point out.

When Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House onFriday May 20, 2011he rejected Obama’s radical idea of drawing back to the 1967 borders, calling them “indefensible” lines.

In an inimitable interview, after conferring with POUTUS Prime Minister Netanyahu not only gave Obama a lecture in world politics, but also said something very interesting at the end of the press conference.

He said quote: “After 1967 Israel has absorbed all the Jewish refugees from all over the Arab world while on the other hand the Arab world has not absorbed one single Palestinian refugee”.

The world’s reaction to this rejection and speech of the Israeli Prime Minister was just as to be expected; a constant badgering of Israel as the aggressor, his unwillingness for peace, and the allegation that Israel is the oppressor of the poor Palestinians. 

But he is right. Just as the map below shows, there are over 7 Million Palestinian refugees surroundingIsrael from 5 sides.

Palestinien Refugees surrounding Israel - Source UNHCR / Map © by Tom Lehner

Palestinien Refugees surrounding Israel - Source UNHCR / Map © by Tom Lehner

Putting the following three facts together: a) Palestinians will push the UN in September for their own recognized State (only question is where), b) Obama publically announcing the demand of Israel to retreat back to its old borders, and c) UNDOF’s complete unresponsiveness to the riots on Nakba day. This leaves only one reasonable suspicion – THIS WAS A COLD RUN; A REHEARSAL FOR MORE TO COME. 

And when we recollect the “Gaza Flotilla” where Palestinians attacked Israeli’s with sticks, baseball bats, and rocks forcing the Israeli Navy to open fire on them this whole perfidious plan makes sense when I say Nakba Day 2011 was a cold run and dress rehearsal.  

Just imagine this: 7 Million “peaceful unarmed protesters” start pushing into Israel.

Israel’s military is one of the best in the world and well equipped to fight, and battle every armed conflict, but how are they supposed to react when unarmed civilians from 5 sides with sticks and stones flood the country and occupy the entire area south of the West bank?

If they shoot at them hot (with sharp ammunition) the world’s community will consider Israel the aggressor putting them in the same category with dictators and tyrants. 

The bottom line is,Israelis not prepared for that and the UN knows it. All the UN needs to do is either remove its forces (UNODF and UNIFIL) or order them to stand down and let things take its course.

The world will immediately side with the Palestinian refugees andIsraelwill be doomed. Step one, in my opinion,Israelwill be forced to retreat back to its borders of 1967 and in step two Arab Forces will start a new War againstIsraelfor final destruction.

This is impossible? Just take a look at northernAfrica,Syria, and the rest of theMiddle East.

And now imagine 10 million Mexican farmers gathering on our southern borders demanding Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California back supported by the 2 million Illegal’s already inside our borders.

Imagine they start flooding our borders. Knowing that only 44% of the American Southern border is secured what would we do? Would we shoot at the flooding crowd, or would we just stay there and watch?

Just like Israelwe could not fire on the protesters or we would be outlawed in the worlds community, fences won’t hold them or stop them so please you tell me – WHAT WOULD WE DO – WHAT SHOULD ISRAEL DO?  

It is going to be a Hot Summer 2011 for Israel

Pray for Israel and may

God in Heaven Bless and protect Israel and

The United States of America



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Thor – the Movie

I remember when I was a kid. Like all little boys I could not get enough from Comics, much to the chagrin of my parents, and of course with every comic my fantasy got the best of me. I always wanted to be the Superhero, the one that the girls pine for. Superman was out of the question because I had a problem with gravity, and Batman as well because I was not allowed to leave the house after dark – I tell you my childhood was tough. Hulk I thought was too ugly and as a green monster I could not get the girls.

But there was one that has always been my hero – THOR, the thunder god; I could identify myself with him.

One day my kindergarten sweetheart was not allowed to come out and play and I decided to rescue her from the evil hands of Loki (her evil father). A man’s word is his bond, I took my mom’s best table cloth, a brooch (an heirloom from her grandma), hey I needed a cape after all, and my dad’s sledgehammer. All armed and ready to take on evil I ran out of the house right into our neighbor’s brand-new car where I made a huge dent.

By Odin that was the end of my Superhero career.

Like many others, growing older I learned all about ancient history and their “Gods” in High school and pictured Asgard (the home of the Nordic Gods) as a Spartan place all gray.

With that expectation I went to the movies to watch the new Marvel /Paramountmovie “Thor”. One thing upfront 3D is a must on this movie. I don’t believe that the entire setting comes out quite as good in 2D as it does in 3D.

Director Kenneth Branagh, movie fans know him for “Henry V”, “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, “Hamlet”, or “Valkyrie”, definitely changed my views on Asgard.

Unfortunately he did not use a lot of fantasy and copied many issues and topics from other movies. He took from Star Wars the opulence, from Stargate the idea of the heritage of the ancient Gods (not Gods but rather superior aliens), and a little bit of “Kate and Leopold (the displaced man from the past).

The costumes were excellent, the architecture of the Asgard universe typical Branagh Style opulent with a streak of Shakespeare.

The movie has everything a good adventure needs. A cute and sweet scientist, a good looking hero, some funny friends, the evil and always jealous brother who turns out not to be a real brother, but stolen during a raid and so becomes the traitor, and not even the evil almighty American federal Agents are missing – you know the guys with the dark sunglasses, no sense of humor, a fake name of a top secret Government institution, and almighty governmental power.

The Story is simple: the quite immature and egomaniac Thor almost risks the “weapons hold status” with an enemy world, some real evil, and an ugly looking ice people. All-father Odin casts him out and sends him to Exile on earth.

Not without sending his hammer Mjölnir after him, casting the same with the oath that the hammer is only allowed to come back to Thor when he appears worthy.

It comes as it had to come, Thor is on earth highly misplaced which leads to a lot of funny scenes and a tender love story.

As far as the cast goes:

Chris Hemsworth as Thor did a marvelous job. He was omnipresent, and very sympatric. He definitely outplayed everybody. A natural acting talent we definitely will hear a lot more from. And he even managed to prevail almost equal to the great Sir A. Hopkins, which sure shows his talent and capacity.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as all-father Odin is in a class of his own; he is an excellent character actor, with a presence that is nowhere else to be found. Even if he plays “only” supporting cast, like here, he is the carrying pillar of the movie. No matter if he is mad and mean like a raging godfather or soft and gentle like a loving grandfather; I don’t know anybody else who can show so many facets of his capability.

Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster was very disappointing. She never ran up to her full ability. Knowing her from Star Wars or Black Swan, in this movie she was never really authentic as a scientist. During the entire movie she came across more like a displaced girl with a master’s degree. In my opinion she was outplayed by everybody else and not the center of the movie as she should have been.

Tom Hiddleston did a great job as evil and yet a tattered Loki. His battle of jealousy turning into hatred leading to betrayal and finally evil was excellently portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. An Actor to be watched and if he plays his cards right we will hear some more from him.

The supporting cast from Rene Russo as Frigga (Thor’s mother) to Thor’s friends, beautiful and talented Jaimie Alexander as Sif (makes Xena look like a dumb chick with sword), and Josh Dallas as Fandral did a great job.

Overall, a good family movie that manages 2 hours of a great mix of Magic, Science Fiction, action, comedy, and a love story.

I am happy to say that the movie is without foul language or sex and the most naked skin to be seen is topless Thor in jeans. The movie also managed to have 2 hours of action, blasting lightning, battle scenes, and rumbling without bloodthirsty moments and cruel brutality.

I think the movie has something for everybody, for boys and daddies the action, for mommies and young girls the love story: Only the monsters from the “Ice-world” could cause some nightmares if one of your kids is a little tender and easily scared. Other than that it is a whole lot of fun and definitely worth the money.

If I could give Stars I would give this movie 4 of 5

Have fun and enjoy the movie

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